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Biskoppernes solidaritetsbrev til Libanon

Den 4. august blev Beirut, Libanons hovedstad ramt af en kraftig eksplosion, som efterlod over 200 døde og over 6.000 sårede, samt titusindvis af indbyggere hjemmeløse. Landets biskopper har derfor sendt et solidaritetsbrev til Libanon og dets indbyggere. Læs brevet her.

Condolence message in solidarity with the Lebanese people

I write to you on behalf of the bishops of The Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Denmark.

With great sorrow we received the news of the explosions in Beirut. We cannot even imagine the sufferings Beirut and Lebanon are now going through – on top of an already difficult national situation and years of having borne the brunt of the refugee crisis. We would like to offer our heartfelt condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in this tragedy. We pray for a swift recovery to the thousands who are injured and help and comfort to those who have lost everything.

The Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Denmark has a long-lasting relationship with churches in Lebanon with lively exchange between Denmark and Lebanon and the bond between our countries and our churches remains strong. Beirut has a special place in our hearts, and we will continue to pray for the people of Lebanon as you now enter a period of both uncertainty and promise with new government elections.

In one of our most cherished hymns we sing, with reference to Isaiah chapter 35, verses 1-6, the praise of God’s kingdom, a flourishing rose garden comparable to the radiant and prosperous beauty of Lebanon and Carmel. Through both government and private donations, we will find ways to contribute to the restoration of your beautiful city and country.

May God’s mercy, love and grace inspire the Lebanese people and the churches of Lebanon to move forward on the journey of life and resilience.